Saturday, April 3, 2010 much more the bunnies...

Happy Easter all..
My children and I
are celebrating this weekend
with family.
That includes the beach
and good food.
But, greater then that
the weekend to celebrate
my lord Jesus Christ.

He has carried me
when my legs would not stand alone.
He has loved me
when I was sure no-one else would.
He has protected me
when the storms proved too strong.
He has sheltered me
when the roof caved in,
He has listened to me
when I have cried out in pain.
He has waited for me
when I have been to busy for him.
He has proven over and over
that his love knows no boundaries
and his gift of life
is mine...

His sacrifice upon the cross
was for me...and you..

all my flaws..
all my quirks..
all my mistakes..
all my baggage..
all my fears...
all my inadequecies...
all my human-ness..
He died for me!
and he would do it again...
for me..for you...

Thank you Lord for being my best friend
and my most faithful and true love!
Thank you for giving me faith and hope
and belief,
and the peace that only you can provide.
In you I find my footing..
In you I have my foundation!
With you I take another step..
and another..
and face each day..
knowing that the best is still to come!
and above all knowing that whatever
comes my way
I will NEVER face it alone!
Happy Easter!


  1. Beautiful! This is such an awesome post. He is always with us. Have a blessed day tomorrow and enjoy the special time with your family!

  2. Such a cute picture and a GREAT post! Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Beautiful! And, what a gorgeous picture! Have a blessed Easter!

  4. Love this! Happy Easter to you and your lovely kids