Monday, April 26, 2010

What I now know..until I learn more..

I have learned
that when you think
you are whole
you will find new breaks.

I have learned
that when it seems
weakness is all that's left
you will find new strength!

I have learned
that grief
ebbs and flows..
some times you are well
some times you are not
but each time you are further
then before.

I have learned
that there is wisdom
in not rushing the healing,
because new moments
of hurt
will catch you unaware.

I have learned
that when you come through
the lesson
you are something new
and it is good..

I have learned
that we all have individual ways to cope.
I thought I healed as I ran,
I found I heal when I stop running
and walk,
and am the end of me..
because that is when I am finally still,
inside and out.

I have learned
that there are different aspects
of overcoming a divorce.
there is the grief over the loss of the love..
then comes the grief over the loss of the life
you knew..

At some point comes the reality of facing it alone;
and the knowledge that this fact can empower you
and completely devastate you..
depending on the moment!

I have learned many lessons..
with many still to learn.
Each lesson I carry with me,
and each day I am not sure which side of the lesson
I will be on.

Above all I have learned
That life is hard!
That life is good!
That being alone is relative!
That God is there!
And I am OK!..


  1. Ridiculously amazing as usual Deb.

  2. You say it best.

    You are so clever and well written!

  3. I am a widow, although our pain and grief sound similar somehow I think divorce is harder than death. I know where my husband is and I knew he loved me when he died....I don't know if I could of handled not knowing these things. You are a very strong lady.....:-) Hugs

  4. Well said Debbie!! He is always with you...never forget that.

  5. Dear Debbie,

    You never cease to amaze me with the power of your words. Have you ever given any thought to submitting your work to a magazine? Love to you my sweet blogging friend.

  6. Ah, very good post. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  7. Just stopping by to check up on you:) Hope you having a good day!

  8. You are definitely ok! Your words spring out with life and love. Makes me ok too. :)
    Love Gaia

  9. Give it a try Debbie! What do you have to lose? Talking about posting to a magazine. I don't have your email address so I had to post an answer here.

  10. This is pretty poignant to some stuff I'm going through right now...thanks for writing it.