Monday, April 12, 2010

bitter sweet..mostly sweet

I took my kids to the local fair yesterday...
I live in a small town.
The fair is the thing to do...
we set our calenders by it...
and I have been going to this same fair
since I was 13 years old.

At 17 years old
I went for the first time;
with the boy who would one day
be the man
I gave my heart too.
We moved away after we got married..
we returned when our son
was 18 months old.
I still see those pictures in my mind..
we of course, took him to the fair..
and then every year since..
a few years later it was with two children,
then three..
we met family,
we met friends....
The fair was a high light in the year..
but more importantly
it was a night of family fun,
and laughs..
holding hands
and throwing balls to win goldfish...

My mind has held every memory,
but now that's all they are...memories.
The children have gotten older..
the marriage is over...
family has moved away..
and friends have drifted apart!!

it should have been all bitter...
this visit to the patch of land
that held my heart prints..
instead it was a mix.
The sweet was that it was my 'family'..
the four of us..
and the kids had fun..
and I could contentedly watch them ride the rides..

I thought a lot,
but my heart stayed
just a moment on the sad thoughts;
and skipped on to the new experience.
these children who are now enjoying the fair..
at close to the age I was when I came the first time.
They saw friends from school,
they rode fast rides,
they ate a candy apple
and one got sick!

the circle of life...
and so the new phase begins,
and with a little sadness I say good bye to what was,
and with a lot of peace I say hello
to what shall from this point on be!


  1. I am from a small town, and we also have our annual fairs, but they are ALWAYS in the summer. Weather here is far to uncertain to do it any other time.

    its where EVERYONE is. Its where you go to pick up boys in high school. Its where you go with your friends to watch the derby. I have such wonderful memories growing up and going to the fair!

    I'm glad your making those with your kids as well!

  2. because I love following your blog, I think you deserved an award! Please accept it.. it will be scheduled to post tomorrow morning. Have a great day!

  3. :) This is wonderful, Debbie. And it is healing. Blessings.

  4. It is good to remember the good memories and make new ones with your children.....:-) Hugs

  5. I love local much fun! And you run in to so many familiar faces. Some known and others unknown. The rides..the lights...the smells. So much fun! And it is always wonderful to make new, pleasant memories. Glad you went.

  6. Sounds like a great time. New beginings~

  7. Fun times at the fair! I understand the bittersweet aspect of it. Your kids will remember going with you.

  8. Beautiful Beautiful Deb. I predict, that this will all be published one day. Mark it.

  9. Lovely- the memories will always come flooding back, but they are not always sad or bad.

    I love the fair