Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just for fun..award and things YOU don't know..

Thank you to Social Butterfly

Awards and recognition are always fun..

Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things YOU do not know..
that will be hard..
then nominate 7 people..!
However, instead I shall tell you the things..
and leave it up to you
as to whether you would like to pass this on!
I love all my bloggy friends,
and just cannot pick!
The people pleaser in me
does not want to hurt any ones feelings!:)
I guess my co-dependency
cannot be one of my 7 things now!! Ha!

My 7 things;
1) I am struggling to get in shape!
The stress and chaos
of the last year has taken its toll...
I neglected my body
and my health.
I am finding the journey back into shape
is a lot harder then the journey out of shape!!

2)I have a tattoo...
a small one.rose on my ankle.

3)I have lived on 2 continents, in 3 different countries and 5 different states.

4)I am completely and utterly disorganized.
But, in a very organized way.
I know where everything is,
even when its bizarre;
like the paper towels in the hamper.

5)I wish that I had joined green peace
before getting married.
I guess I wish I had followed my heart,
grown up a little,
and could look back with no regrets!
I might still join...
who knows..
maybe when the kids leave home..;)

6)I no longer have a greatest fear!
I did have one...
as much as I loved my kids (with all my heart)
my greatest fear,
was loosing the love of my life.
Maybe this was because
deep down I knew it could happen,
and sometimes
we fear reality more then uncertainty.
It happened..
my greatest fear came to pass.
Now, I know life hurts and is unpredictable.
I have fears, like all people..
But, none that I classify
as I did this one..
and if I survived this..
kept breathing..
kept going..
I can survive some how the rest!

7)The thing I like LEAST about being single
is the place I belong
or don't...
that does not quite fit
in with the rest of my life..
to my married friends..
I am the single gal..
to my single friends..
the mother of 3..
to some men a mom
more then a single woman!
to some woman a threat
more then a single friend!
to all..
a place at the table without a pair..
no-one knows:
do they leave me
on weekends alone,
do they feel for me
and invite me along..
not a big deal..
just a place
that is neither here or there...

OK..thats my 7!
if you share yours PLEASE let me know
so I can read them too...


  1. Ah Deb, You hit me on number 7. I have neighbours I know that see me as a threat. I have felt the third wheel at dinner parties. I have felt too much a Mom, to even be considered a woman by that certain man I wish I knew. I am learning the joys of being single. Slowly. Despite myself.

    As for going out and saving the world, you save the world every day just by being in it. You are where you need to be.

  2. Gosh I can totally relate to #7.

    Congrats on the well deserved award!

  3. Yes! #7 is powerful! I have been in that place and it is continually awkward. I hated that place. Sorry you are now in it. The only way out is to make your own space and love yourself...I mean truly and deeply love yourself. Be proud of who you are!
    I have a tattoo too...ankle...band...leaves and flowers and a butterfly. Just got it and I love it.
    Hugging you

  4. You know, a lot of us "invite you along" because we love you and want to be with you...not because we feel SORRY for you. Just sayin'!!!! :)

  5. I found whn I divorced that it really sorted out my friends - those who were okay with me only as part of a couple and those who truly cared for me. It was tough, but I'm glad to know.

  6. mama has spoken-LOL!..they were actually in there because I was going to put them down and had to out them down and then thats where they ended up..not permanently!:)