Friday, April 9, 2010

missteps that become permanent mistakes

some mistakes you learn from..
some mistakes cause damage..
some mistakes you regret forever..

and some just will not go away!

When we teach our girls about love,
and boys and men...
we teach them about broken hearts,
we teach them about values
and being careful.
we teach them about 'boys' wanting more
then they want to give...
we teach them to be true to themselves
and look for love that is real.
but do we teach them about 'boys'
who will not let them go?
do we teach them that some relationships
will exact a price higher then the initial price tag?

I have learned that lesson
now that I am all grown up.

I learned the lesson of hurt
and broken hearts..
I learned the lesson that you can love
and not have it returned,
and then I learned that some men
seek power and control
by trying to instill fear.
for some men 12,14,18, months is not long enough
for them to let go..
I find this curious,
that men of strength
would allow themselves to be so weak.
but I also find curious
how I, once so weak,
can feel so strong ..
I can see how pathetic
being focused on
in such an unhealthy way is..
I hope the one who has not let go..
who seeks control and power
by attaining visual information..
will also begin
to respect the power of a small town!

a small town owns its own..
and sees all!

so as we teach our girls
that there is a greater price to pay
for loving the wrong person
then just a broken heart..
lets also teach them
the beauty and power
of friends , family
and a town that allows no shadows.
no hidden places for cowardly men to hide!


  1. This post reminds me of the song, Teach your Children Well........but I also wonder if we can ever prepare them for the real world....Hugs

  2. Beautifully written Debbie. And so true. So much to teach little time. And so important to do!

  3. It is all lessons, isn't it? It sounds like you are in a better space. Be well.

  4. It is the lessons that we have lived through, the ones that hurt us the most that seem the hardest to teach to our own children...
    But we were resilient and they will be too

  5. You are inspiring! I saved my engagement ring from my ex.. so that I can show my future daughters (when I get married to their amazing father.. lol.. whenever I meet him that is) that even after a broken heart you can love.. and find the RIGHT guy. I think i'll give it to her after her first heart break.

  6. The problem is, we often have to make the mistakes before we can really learn. You just have to hope you've given them to deal with it once the mistakes have been made.

  7. so true always I learn from the comments..Brittany what a sweet and meaningful idea!!

  8. We do try to teach our children everything we think they need to know in order to make it in life. Just as you have taught this lesson to your daughters, it is the same I've had to teach to the sons, except the guy version not the girl version. It is a hard lesson to teach but a life skill that they do need.