Sunday, April 11, 2010

The power of the written word

Many of the comments to my blog last night
included support
from my 'blogger' friends.

Just over a year ago
I did not know about blogging,
nor did I know the release
that written words could bring.

I am not a writer...
I never have been!
BUT, all my life I have kept journals..
I started when I was 10..
I keep journals to my kids as well..
so in essence written words have always been
my favorite form of expression,
but it took my heart breaking
to understand the power
that writing holds!

for that reason
my blog is invaluable to me.
When something happens
I yearn to write it down.
I hold it in my heart
needing it released..
and as soon as the words begin to flow
the release comes!

BUT, a benefit I never knew
or understood
that has come from public writing
is the people I have met along the way!
People who read my story
and who share theirs...
People who share a heart connection with me,
even though we will probably never meet in person!

My blog is healing..
but not just because of the words
I write..
My blog is healing
because of the words written in return!


  1. We will have to agree to disagree Debbie! I think you are a gifted writer my friend!

  2. The blog community is excellent about supporting folks for sure and simple comments can make a difference for sure.

  3. A blog is healing both for the words people write back to you and for the writing in itself.

    I just read the last post before this one, and I think you'll know when you are ready to take the risk of being back in a relationship. But it seems like you are using this time on your own to think and grieve and explore and grow stronger. I'm impressed.

  4. There is a special bond among blogging friends.......:-) Hugs

  5. You ARE a very good writer, Debbie.
    All the qualities you have listed are proof of this as well as your posts that come from the heart.
    All good writers have been through the mill at sometime or other.... same with painters & musicians. Artistic people have usually come through great difficulties. That is what makes them so authentic.

    Nuts in May

  6. You are a gifted writer...I agree with VKT!! And I love all the blogland is healing!

  7. I definitely agree with VKT also! *hugs*

  8. Agree with all of the communicate well and that's all there is to reach people, with words, on a level they can connect with. It's a rare talent and you have it in's the reason I've been telling you to write THAT book lol.

    And I'm a writer..I should know ;)


  9. As always you all lift me ..
    I was not fishing for affirmation..promise!!:) I think we all agree that blogging creates ways that are unexpected and completely beautiful.
    Maggie May- I never thought about artists been born from painful experiences...!

  10. You are an awesome writer! Incredible! I love all the support, encouragment, and strength I get from my bloggy friends. :) Never stop writing Debbie. Never!

  11. I agree that you are a great writer. You have your own style and it is awesome.
    I love comments. They help in all kinds of ways

  12. you are an incredible women the way you express yourself, sometimes i wish i could be like that. thats awesome.