Thursday, April 8, 2010

what happened to my week..

I find it crazy
that when time is mine
it disappears!
when it belongs to some one else
it drags..

This week is spring break!
I had so much to do.
I would say I have done 1/10th
of what I hoped!

BUT, I did have 2 cats
give birth in my utility room..
so we have 5 kittens to watch grow!
I did take the kids to the park every day..
sometimes until late at night!
I have taken up running again,
now I just have to figure out
how to keep doing it
when work starts again:)...

so the time flew,
I did little I had planned..
but alot I did not expect!

one more day....
to do the unexpected!
Planned to have NO plans..
to spend the day
with the kids...
maybe at the park..
maybe at the pool...
maybe at the mall...
we shall see
when we get in the car
and drive
rather then predict
how the day will go!!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous way to spend your spring break week!

  2. Sounds like that is the best way to go!!! I had a lot of plans yesterday and only got one thing done. Sigh! That is truly the way life goes. One never knows. By the way...we are now friends on Facebook!! woohoo!!

  3. So glad you had time to spend with the kiddo's! You'll never regret that!

  4. Time does go by faster than we often want it to. Plans are simply something to deviate from. Flexibility is the key.

  5. I want pictures of the kittens. I love kittens ... until they become cats that is. :)

  6. A week spent like that sounds pretty good to me!

  7. So true- as I read the first few paragraphs, I thought, wow how can she plan everything out like that and get anything actually done?
    I am one who cannot plan. I do make lists, and I do what I can to check off those things. But to plan out a plan takes too much time and I get all ADD... Squirrel!
    the running, the park and the time with the kids sounds like what you need to rejuvenate!